Wounded sky.

Do you watch the sky in same way if I told about her scars and wounds???

All the tiny stars you see are sutures that restrict the bleeding in every corner.

And that red depression pain ball travels from her east of the heart to west of her mind!! slowly dragging her to past..

What about the comets?? A tail of tears that fall every now and then.

Eclipses of anxiety ,clouds of despair that float here and there like feathers.

And you may ask about rainbow!!The spectrum of curved ripen voids..

What else is left ??A lighting..A thunder? aren’t they sudden Bursts of meloncholy trapped behind her soul!

Ahhh..The moon!!!the ecstasy,the beauty,the variable smiles…Isn’t that the cover up she does on daily basis!Like we do!!!

Pic credits: GOOGLE IMAGES


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