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Want to ask you one question. In the times of uncertainty How do you move forward??? This might sound simple. But it’s not when you continously think. Especially OVERTHINK.

The times of uncertainty I am talking about is when things got out of your control and you are forced to take a decision. How do you proceed?? It could be anything. For example matter of love, marriage, goals, careers, anything. Let me give you an example. Imagine one of your parent is on deathbed. And they want you to get married or find love as soon as possible. But you are trying to accomplish your most wanted goals in your career. At that point How do you get into a relationship which is hard to find?? And how do you escape from emotional parents to achieve your goals?? What guides you at that moment??

It’s always scary to take a leap and believing something to work out in your favour.Its always the fight between settling for security and going what your heart desire by risking your present.In those times How do you choose????Do you follow your gut or you use your analytical thinking and do the necessary calculations?? You pray to god?? Or you just go with the flow by accepting things? Recently my Twitter friend tweeted excerpts of her prayer which goes like this.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

This is beautiful prayer. But How do you know the difference between two?? It’s very difficult because we take decisions about the future based on experiences. This is our limited experience. Then who knows what is better for us?? Of course theists going to say God. But Generally man seeks god when things are hard to bear for him/her. Then how to be at peace and how to proceed for extra step to try!???

If you have any other perspectives please comment down below. As far as my concern I will try every bit of my strength to reach the places I want. Because, sometimes luck awaits at the last inch of your journey. We have to struggle up to that inch. Then What if I fail? Or luck didn’t help me!? At least I can sleep peacefully without regrets.

Image credits:Google images(Lanis art by Alan Bosgra)

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