Muddy boy

There was a small boy in the village. He was an orphan. Soon after he was born his parents were dead in accident returning from hospital.All villagers call him symbol of bad luck and continously bully him.He used to roam with other kids in the village. But no one invites him to their home because their respective kids parents restrict him to enter. He sleeps with an old man at the end of the village border in a small hut with him.Old man out of empathy Adopted that kid. Old man daily used to go fields and feed the boy.Every night he told stories that made boy slept well. One night old man left the world .All the villagers didn’t even burned him according to rituals.They just threw the body in a dumpyard.Little boy cried a lot
Now he is alone.

And now no one is giving him food. The only way he got was to beg in the village. So he took his plate and went for begging. But seeing his fellow kids he’s giving him food and bullying him as beggar. So he moved out of the village. And sat at the murky river. This river got the name because of its black color. No one baths in that except pigs. And no one touches the animals or people who touch the black waters.

That night he got hungry and climbed the apple tree located at banks and rested upon the branch. Next morning in a sleep he fell down from the tree. Now his clothes were wet with murky water. He thought of cleaning it by some water. But the more water he took into hands the more dirty he became. As he is helpless he didn’t clean his clothes. Then he plucked a few apples and started to eat. A pig stood in front of him and staring at him. So he gave it an apple.

Boy walked into the village with his faded black clothes. Also, the pig followed him. Everyone saw him walking along with pig. They started maintaining distance. And when kids went near him, they were so elated and smiling with a lot of glows. Pig started playing with kids. On the way he went to the temple.

Along with him pig started walking into the temple and people started scolding him and beating with stick. But somehow when people are beating him they felt some kind of happiness and peace. They couldn’t figure out why. And slowly they stopped beating him. But the boy was scared and ran away with tears. The next day in the village the temple priest who beat him had a heart attack. People of the village took him to a nearby doctor. Doctor was trying hard. He is kept in hospital and was in unconscious state.

Villagers thought that this has happened because of a little boy who bathed in black waters. And Everyone thought he should be sent away from this village. That night the boy came to know about the priest and his heart was melted. So when no one is watching him he went into the hospital room and placed his hand on the head of the priest. It was seen by his wife and came running by shouting “catch him, catch him” And people caught him while running. But the priest suddenly came to consciousness.

The doctor came and asked what has happened and his wife narrated about the boy keeping his dirty hands on the forehead of the priest. Doctor was surprised and said it was a miracle. There was some power in THA hands of the kid. Everyone at that night asked the kid about his powers. He said he hasn’t any. Then one of the villages said “I observed that bathing in that murky water gives you power” No one believed him and some villagers laughed. The again that guy said “I observed that whenever someone comes close to this guy everyone is smiling and it felt so peaceful. Even we are now closer to him. But still we are not angry at him or repulsive to his black muddy clothes”.

Everyone started giving it a thought but acted as if they did not take it seriously. But that many villagers talked to boy with love to know what he has done to get those powers.Boy was confused and sadi “I don’t have any powers but I feel in tho black waters .From then people around me felt joy.I don’t know why even many birds come and sit on my shoulder when I was roaming near trees of banks” That night everyone thought it was real and started bathing in those murky waters to get those powers. But no one got those powers. Instead, their bodies started burning and paining. One of the villagers said “This boy is devil’s son. We should sacrifice him to the god” Everyone believed him And All went to murky river bank. Kid saw people running towards him with anger. He was scared and started running away from them.

With his tiny steps he couldn’t run faster. When people are about to catch him kid started floating in air and Going higher and higher. All the villagers were astonished to see him flying like a kite. The kid didn’t know what was happening. He is elevating higher and higher. Now he is on clouds and walking and jumping from cloud to another. He liked it, He enjoyed it. Not for the power, but he is now free from shackles of toxic people!!!

Image credits:Google image


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