Self sustainable

There in the middle of mud,cobras hissing the venomous strands of darkness.

Lizards and insecurities crawling on the walls of my skull to suck my sanity.

Cerebrospinal fluid vapourised into the nostrils of neurons.

Like a snail moving from thought to thought in search of photons.

Dragged my valour beating the static friction to run away from shackles of pain.

Wounds burned,scars burned,blood illuminated,and the sparks flowed..

From nails to skin,skin to bones and bones to beats.. everything exploded.

I turned into a star,a star that feeds on its own scratches of voids.

A star that breath it’s own mix of spirituality with no god around.

Now I am free…to give…Everything .
that my soul..craves for!!

Image credits@Google image search


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