Super ENTITY. GOD. The almighty. The omnipresent. The superintelligence. The enlightened soul. You can call him/her with any name. But across the world the definition is the same. One who take care for us and control our destinies.

But why to define god?? Or What is the need to define some super human who is just super powerful??

Generally when you are scared of something or need something,we look up to someone who has lot more capabilities than us to deal with that situation. If you can face the heat alone, obviously you don’t look up to someone.

But here I am going to discuss god or entity which is powerful than us. In early stage man used to worship nature,sun, moon,stars etc. Because for them they give light (which is very important in that dark age) and they get food from nature. So you have some gratitude towards things which helps you in daily struggles of life. Slowly man discovered fire and few really worshiped it. We also worship things when we are scared of them.

So This is the nomadic concept of God. Now let’s scroll the timeline of universe and stop at religion. Most of the world’s religions are based on mythology or stories of super humans. Many gods many powers. No one knows whether they are real or not.Let’s assume that they are real and were recorded by someone. But there is something interesting here. Imagine a UFO landed in front of people some 5000 years ago. And set of Aliens with weapons which are unfathomable to people of those times have assembled before them with shapes and structure different than human bodies.How do you describe them???

You can’t actually. Because you don’t have enough lingo developed to describe those.so you try to describe within the limitations of human language at that time and their experiences. Like if they saw a laser gun. They would express it like “A weapon powerful as a thousand thunders and a hundred suns” Because they only know thunders and sun as powerful things. They don’t know the functioning of lasers. They may call aliens as devas or devatas or gods above. The whole mythology is

But when you read them you borrow the imagination imparted by the paintings, cinema, dramaa in your minds. Like in Indian movies they used these arrows with powers and Pushpak viman as something magical. Maybe they are just the highly advanced automobiles. Who knows!!

The point is the term ‘GOD’is not particular or homogenous around the societies, culture and religions. Everyone defined the term in their own way. It could be anything. As you don’t understand it much or few of the enlightened understood it completely. They may call that entity power or energy or god.

Maybe we are all the lower conscious beings who are controlled by much more advanced race. We can’t decode these things soon. As science and spirituality need more time to find middle ground. But always remember that thought emerges from you. The birth of thought is the seed of everything. whether it’s devil or god you are responsible for it. Considering this vast universe like holographic box or magical box you have to realize that we are also part of it which makes us part of Godliness (if exists)

Credits:Google images(MELCHIZEDEK Α&Ω=The Eternal One)


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  1. Some real, deep insights about God, mystic world and things so. Pretty interesting thoughts to read! Hope you are keeping well.

    P.s- Thank you for your lovely comments.

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Thanks for stopping by devika….💙💙


  2. A good read, Kalyan and nicely explained the concept of God. Everything and Everyone is God there is nothing but Him.

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Thanks a lot kamal..love to read your comments


      1. You are always welcome dear Kalyan


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