Sexes and creation

Recently I was thinking about the creation that has happened in primordial stages of Earth. That how humans evolved from unicellular Organism. And how genders evolved. First of all what’s the need of creating only two genders?? I mean you can have ‘n’ number of genders or sexes!! Or having both female and male genitals in single person like hermaphrodite! But why to create two genders??Sorry maybe two sexes!!! As many say genders are social construct.

I mean both man and woman can have womb, and they can bear the baby no? But in all living creatures the female has to bear. I don’t know why.

We don’t know much about the process of sexual selection even before sexual pleasure was discovered. Maybe Human would have tried touching each other both male to male, female to female and male to female. Like there were no orientations and no sex just only friendships. Then they would have discovered that the percentage of pleasure is maximum between male to female. Then opposite genders would have preferred touching each other. In that process they would have found out that sex gives pleasure and it helps in giving birth to new humans.

But I still don’t understand why natural selection has chosen two sexes in almost every species for the progeny. There are infinite mechanisms for progeny but the nature selected coitus. I am calling it NATURE than god or super consciousness Because if I call it god then it’s all part of game as many religions and philosophy propagate.

Its such a unique creation. Having masculine qualities and feminine qualities and that again decided by chromosomes and Hormones. And again sexual orientations. How complicated it could be?? The tiny little atomic structure to Infinite galaxies, we could see many wonders of creation which is unfathomable to human mind.As if it’s work of super brain beyond the understanding of humans. When I go deeper and deeper into understanding of evolution theory I am entangled with more questions than answers.Hope some day mankind answers to every fucking question existed.I don’t think its possible..but let’s hope..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Goodone call yawwwwn!!!!

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Haha…thanks navyaaawwwwww


  2. Jen Kennedy says:

    There will always be questions that cannot be answered because we are just not meant to know. It’s the yin to the yang. 😉

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Yeah that’s true ..thanks for reading


  3. nehavermaa says:

    I don’t know the answers too. Too difficult and beyond my intellectual capacity lol😁

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Haha…thanks for reading professor

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