The Jumping way

There was a little girl who used to walk on stars to reach moon. I ts like reaching other side by stepping on stones without falling or getting wet. Here stars are her stepping stones on the magnanimous Cosmic ocean.

After reaching moon she used to gather all her hopes and built her dreams one by one.Every day, she gathered new equipment to construct her dream life.some days they would fall! But again she gathered them and took the pain one day at a time.

In the middle of this process, one day she found that one of her stepping star has fallen from the sky. Still, she managed by crawling at that spot. Eventually every star on her path started falling like Milky teeth of kids. Every day became a war to cross one start to other star.

But one day she has seen thread of star falling at a time which are only bridge to moon. It was the moment the start took away her dreams along with them to the pointless abyss.

She tried stitching the thread of those missed stars using her pearly tears, but she couldn’t make it. Sitting far away from moon and crying for all the things she could achieve didn’t make any difference to her she wanted to risk her life and rub the destiny with magical wand of courage.

With all her might she travelled back and ran with full force and did a BIG JUMP on to the moon. She fell on the moon and rolled on the floor like a ball. She is wounded now. But she reached the place she wanted.

The more the stars falling on the way ,the greater the distance she took a leap. The greater the risk of losing her life ,the greater the jump. At last she could build her own dreams on the moon and stayed there watching all the stars falling down. She felt thankful for all those fallen stars for helping her grow onwards and upwards!!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome ….
    Wonderful description of little girl s dream..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kalyansparks says:

      Thanks a lot sushma…😊😊😊


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