Birds, Animals and other Gods

Have you saw birds roaming here and there for building their nests??? They gather everything from nature and build it meticulously. Especially you have to see the struggle of birds when female bird is laying eggs and male bird bringing all the food from different places.

But it’s really a war for that couple.They don’t know whether you will get the required food for themselves and babies.They don’t know about tomorrow’s weather conditions. They don’t know which cat or eagle gonna attack their babies and eat away.Still they live and move on with their lives. But If we imagine ourselves as birds and don’t find any food for babies or when things get out of hand, 99 percent of people pray to Unknown powerful invisible force for help.

But birds and animals don’t do that. Once there was a girl whom I liked a lot on twitter who wrote in her blog that ” Which bird and animal needs god?when they are living without almighty,we too can!!”. Yes that might be true!!But if their babies are eaten by snakes,rats,cats etc .Do they look up in the sky and ask “Why me?”Do they go to depression? Do they have traumatic memories and dreams about those experiences??Does mental health of animals gets affected?

We don’t know about animals and birds mental health.Or what they speak.Do they discuss about dead ones? Do they crack jokes among them? Do they take revenge?(As films show snakes take revenge..!!!)How many of the animals worry about their future??Do karma exists?? Do animals and birds also rape??(Yes, Male animals also rape female animals.. please read about this)

what are the things that are making our mental health worse day by day?? Is it because of the fear and expectations that we are unable to meet??Or emotional attachments?Is it because that we are more conscious about universe and nature? As we understand and feel many things more than birds and animals.And in those added complexities we succumb in our daily life.if there are much higher beings than us how do they feel watching our struggle??

Do they just see us like how we see birds and their struggles?? Or Do they laugh at our innocence??If a cat ate a bird, from the cats perspective it’s just a food ,from birds perspective it’s a life. From human beings perspective it’s matter of food chain in this nature. Do we feel the same if A gigantic tsunami wave gulped the kids,adults,old men into the stomach of ocean? Because for nature it’s just balancing energy…but for us they are the lives, emotions, memories,feelings etc. So in this uncertainty how to lead a life without worrying about future??

That’s a great question with no answer.So many of them prepare tools to face that uncertainty.For example God,guru, experience, science, astrology,psychic, sixth sense etc are some of the tools .Thats why many people cling to god or astrology to face that uncertainty.And there is nothing wrong in it. It needs hell lot of courage to face life with lot of coolness. Not everyone is brave enough.But always remember Don’t keep full stop in this journey of valuable life (If you know what I mean)there is always someone to listen your uncertainty and lend the tool to face that dark mosnters in your mind which are scaring you.Just relax you can do it,we all can do it.

Image credits: Google Images


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  1. Ramya says:

    Well written. And true , we have no answers for few questions. There is a hint of uncertainty

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  2. Ramya says:

    True. Well written Kalyan. As you said, there are no answers to few questions . There is a hint of uncertainty

    Liked by 1 person

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