Drop of memory💓

Hi guys.This is second collaboration of mine.This time I colloborated with cute and innocent but sensible writer.She is INKER DIANA.she explores emotions in a most beautiful way!! Don’t you believe me? Then go through her posts in her blog https://dianadiv.wordpress.com// .We tried exploring boy and girls emotions when they met for the first time.She wrote girls emotions..you can https://dianadiv.wordpress.com/ find her lines in Italian font.(1,3,5 paragraphs)Me exploring boys emotions in Normal font (2,4,6 paragraphs) Happy sunday guys..Do comment, we accept constructive criticism.

Fragile heart of mine made a beat, I wonder if that was the fate. I remember you looking at me that time, Making me inside churn with every second passes by…..

That day you shutdown my brain with your locks of looks, yet disentangled my threads of soul to tie a new knot of ecstacy

Shy me; Wanted to look away! Alas, you held me in your captivating gaze. Longing for more I stepped towards you…. Not knowing the risks I sneaked into the labyrinth

Every step towards me is a torture of heart beats per second, let me die! every second … To live every new birth you are giving from the womb of your cosmic beauty.

So,I dived into fusion of chaos in calm, possessed you in my soft petals of heart. Nervous and Jittery it made me, Those high dopamine filled feelings playing constantly

That moment I am a melting heart beat , Every beat sprinkling galaxies in my eyes, It’s a nectar drop of memory on petals of everlasting time.

Pic credits: Google images. Embrace life photography

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  1. Shayra says:

    Beautiful lines. Loved both of your work👌

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  2. You seem to be doing very well even in collaborations. Amazing.

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Thanks for reading…if you are Willing to I will also collaborate..happy New Year anyway

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome poetry Kalyan by both of you’ll. Deep and passionate love flowing in every stanza. Great poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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