Cage of Obsession

Hi guys.I have got some free time during holidays.So I thought of collaborating with someone as I have never done this I shared this with friend and she accepted it gracefully.Her name is shayra.she is pretty,sweet and talented writer.check out her blog at We would love to collaborate with different writers to explore the shades of writing .so feel free to do so…we are waiting😊.

Like a pebble residing on shore,trying to avoid her waves…. But turned into fish which is lifeless without ocean of her aura..

Like a tornado on the earth,Drifting towards her marks of existence. And my heart crave for it,Only the way is to move close to her.

But my own tornado ripping my soul apart,throwing pieces into deep unknown tunnel of abyss,covered with cobweb of screams and chaos.

Oh!!!.It hurts,It hurts like hell.Nights haunt me,life mock at me. Hunger of her touch covered with frail kisses slice my tormented soul.

I am evoparating liked dandelion second by second,the gaps between cells cemented with pain Now I am cyborg of void and love.

I could feel friction between heart and mind,…gasping for every breath. The vacuum between cells fogged with solitude is my second home.

The three paragraphs written in normal font are mine(1.3.5)

The other three paragraphs written in Italian font are shayra’s(2.4.6)

Pic credits:Google Images(Georgina Photography)

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  1. Beautiful poem and wonderfully collaborated

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  2. This is awesome, deep and poignant words so well composed on a cage of obsession from where it is so difficult to get your soul free. Lovely presentation by you and Shayra.

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    1. kalyansparks says:

      Thanks a lot’s your life

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      1. Going on.. nothing much .

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